About Every Day is Awesome

HOTAI About Every Day is AwesomeIn the process of thinking about what I want to spend the rest of my time doing on this planet, I was faced with far too many options. So, I knew I had to get more specific, and when I distilled my long list of possible goals into one idea, that  idea was: I wanted to be happy. I wanted to have balance in my life. I wanted to wake up excited and go to bed satisfied every day. I also needed the idea to be portable, and to exist independent of geography, activity, or financial circumstances. I needed it to fit wherever I was and whatever I was doing.

There was a lot of stumbling around at first, trying to figure out exactly what “thing” I was after, until I finally whittled all those requirements down into one, stupidly simple objective…to make every day as awesome as possible. Not to make a ton of money, not to raise my status, not to advance my career (although I expect those things may be side benefits); just awesome, more awesome in every day.

As silly as it sounds when you first say it, I think it’s kind of beautiful in its simplicity. It requires no money, no travel, and no special equipment. I can do it while I am at work, waiting at a bus stop, shopping, taking a vacation, etc. If awesome is the overarching objective of my life, everything else can fit inside it. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I always have the opportunity to add more awesome to my life. No outward changes are necessary. It’s perfect.

Since there isn’t really a handbook or class I can take on this specific topic, I’m doing what all seekers have done through the ages. I have entered the house of knowledge and am running into all the walls until I find the door to the next room. Wash, rinse, repeat. Until, finally, through trial and error and error and error, I hope to put together a combination of ideas and behaviors that can reliably produce more awesome in my life on a regular basis.

My trip is about changing the way I see things, and people, and situations. I’m taking a look inside my head and rooting around a little bit, tinkering with my assumptions and expectations about life. It’s a game of small adjustments, but one that is changing the way that I move through the world. I don’t claim to understand everything and I don’t really want to, to tell the truth. For me, it’s not about gathering knowledge or wisdom or anything else anymore. That stuff just happens naturally along the way. At this point, I’ve decided that what I am doing isn’t nearly as important to me as how I feel while I’m doing it. So, in essence, everything I do has the potential to be awesome. Awesome acts as the container, everything else goes inside.

When I started this trip, I had no idea what I was doing or where I would end up and I suppose that’s still true. I do know, though, that I am going somewhere, and where I’m going has caused a shift in the way that I see things. Words like “epiphany” or “awakening” are so overused that I hesitate to get anywhere near them here, but it has been, and continues to be, a trip. In a way, it’s a trip like any other, really. Sometimes you see amazing things, sometimes you don’t speak the language, sometimes you lose your luggage, and sometimes you experience something that changes you forever. I never know what’s going to happen next, but I keep traveling, learning how to be a better tourist, and no matter where I end up, every day is awesome.

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